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Salsa Brunch

Salsa Brunch ™

At Salsa Brunch ™ we combine the best of both worlds, food, and dancing. Imagine a place where you can hang out and catch up with your dance friends, socialize, make meaningful connections and share some dances.

Imagine a place where you can share your passion for dance with your non-dancing friends. Imagine a fun, chill and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

More about us and how we started this project

Our parties

Our parties

Salsa Brunch™, the best day Salsa Party in NYC has been running since 2016. Once a month we host our event at different locations all over NYC. To stay updated on future events make sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for the newsletter.

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Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

We promote local restaurants for our events. we love food and we try to offer a good variety of options in the menu. As an inclusive community and we make sure to include options for people with food restrictions or simply those with a healthy diet. When it comes to drinks we try to push the venue to offer good deals and also options for those that don't drink alcohol.

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What people are saying

    Lorena G.
    Great food and great dancing in a fun, friendly and chill environment - what better way to spend a Weekend afternoon?!
    Cookie E.
    What a brilliant idea! Salsa dancing and brunch! This event has it all: great food, great music, and great vibe. <3
    Dragica M
    ...I feel at home here, with no pressure to do anything but enjoy absolutely every step, or turn, or mimosa (or a pancake, shhh) to the fullest. Highly recommend!
    Maria P.
    Great Salsa event and concept! Dancing and Brunch! Everything about it - The vibe, the hosts, the people, the music is awesome. A must if in NYC :)
    Enoch J
    it was my first time dancing salsa when sun was up. great venue and friendly environment
    Angel G.
    Great atmosphere with great peeps and smooth SALSA vibe! Food is killer with bottomless brunch.
    Dulce M.
    ...The DJ played very danceable salsa with some cha-cha which made my time spent even more enjoyable. I will certainly be returning. Salsa dancing, brunch and cocktails... those are a few of my favorite things. And when you put them all together accompanied by a super pleasant atmosphere, I'm in heaven...
    Jacoppo S.
    A great way to meet new and old friends. The DJ plays great salsa and people are friendly and welcoming (...) if you want to spend some relaxing time, meeting new friends while having fun/brunch and dancing salsa, SalsaBrunch may be the place you want to try.
    Jin H
    It was such a fun event. I always wanted to dance not only at night but when it's bright outside! You're done with dancing and it's still day time. Awesome :D

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If you have any feedback for a specific event or if you want to send us a message please let us know!. We appreciate any feedback that can help us improve our events.

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